The following phrases are indispensable for a beginner in Japanese to learn. They are written in both Romanji and the appropriate Japanese script.  The particle "ha" is used but said like "wa"


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  • Japanese
    • Romanji
    • English
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おはいよう。 Edit

  • ohaiyou
  • Good morning.
  • (plain)

おはいようございます。 Edit

  • ohaiyou gozaimasu.
  • Good morning.
  • (polite)

こんにちは。 Edit

  • konnichiwa
  • Good afternoon

こんばんは。 Edit

  • konbanwa.
  • Good evening.

またあした。 Edit

  • mata ashita
  • See you tomorrow.

また。 Edit

  • mata
  • See you again.

おやすみなさい。 Edit

  • oyasuminasai
  • Good night.

はじめまして。 Edit

  • hajimemashite
  • No English translation; Sometimes translated to How do you do?
  • first thing said to strangers.

お名前は? Edit

  • onamaewa
  • (What's) your name?

(NAME)です。 Edit

  • (NAME) desu
  • I'm (NAME).
  • (plain)

わたしは(NAME)です Edit

  • watashi wa (NAME) desu
  • I'm (NAME).
  • (polite)

わたしの名前は(NAME)です。 Edit

  • watashi no namae wa (NAME) desu
  • My name is "NAME"
  • (extremely polite)

どうぞよろしく。 Edit

  • douzo yoroshiku
  • Pleased to meet you


  • wakarimasu
  • I understand.

わかりません。 Edit

  • wakarimasen
  • I don't understand (what you're saying).

はい Edit

  • hai
  • yes

いいえ Edit

  • iie
  • no

さいよなら Edit

  • saiyonara
  • Goodbye.
  • (only use if you don't expect to see the person for a while)

お元気ですか。 Edit

  • ogenki desuka
  • How are you?

はい、元気です Edit

  • hai, genki desu
  • yes, I am good

いただきます。 Edit

  • itadakimasu
  • No English equivalent;
  • said before a meal; like saying grace or thanks for the meal.

ごちそうさまでした。 Edit

  • gochisou sama deshita
  • No English equivalent;
  • said after a meal. Translated to be "Thanks for the meal."

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