The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a test designed to test one's knowledge of Japanese. IT consists of 5 levels. N1 and N2 test proficiency in natural situations with highly complex material, N4 and N5 test basic comprehension of simple material and highly predictable situations, and N3 bridges the two.

Estimated Study TimeEdit

JLPT Study Hour Comparison Data 2010-2015

level Students with kanji knowledge 

(e.g. speakers of Chinese or Korean)

Other students

(no prior kanji knowledge)

N1 1700~2600 hours 3000~4800 hours
N2 1150~1800 hours 1600~2800 hours
N3 700~1100 hours 950~1700 hours
N4 400~700 hours 575~1000 hours
N5 250~450 hours 325~600 hours

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